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July 2014

Posted: Thursday - July 31, 2014



New Jersey rapper MackMan has the streets buzzing with his latest single called "She Do Dat", featuring T Mack. It's a twerk track classic for the ladies! The song is top notch and it is sure to rock any club or house party. 

MackMan continues to prove he’s a major talent bubbling on the independent scene. In anticipation for his upcoming EP called "F+K_L+V", MackMan has released the visual for "She Do Dat" in the form of a mesmerizing music video. It is colorful with sleek editing and it was directed by Itchy House Films. The video will leave a lasting impression on you.

The eclectic rapper is looking to turn non-believers into believers. 

"My goal is to make an impact on the game and to further put my city on the map" raves MackMan. His music is direct and in your face. In a time when originality is sorely lacking within the Hip Hop landscape, MackMan strives to keep his music authentic. 

"I write from the heart and I try to take the listener on a journey into my world. I give them something to relate to while entertaining them at the same time." states the emcee. If you've been sleeping, check out why MackMan is considered next up.

July, 2014

"She Do Dat" by MackMan featuring T Mack.


July 8, 2014

Armed with a pen, a microphone and an unshakable will to succeed, NJ Rap Renegade MackMan is making a huge impact in the independent music world. The multi-talented rapper/producer has made a name for himself by creating a wide range of music that gets the clubs jumping and the crowd hyped. His relentless work ethic and long catalog of tracks are the main things that set him apart from other independent artists.

MackMan is back with his new single and new video entitled "She Do Dat" featuring T Mack. The song is the lead single off of his upcoming EP called "F+K_L+V," which will be released by Ghostown 8tz Music Group. "She Do Dat" is a hard hitting song that translates well and makes an impact in The Crib, The Car and in The Club. The single itself is a Hip Hop Head Banger. It's a well-structured song. It has great rhythm, production and a chorus that resonates with the listener. Both Mackman and T Mack use effortless lyrics and a catchy melody to their advantage on the single.

Nowadays, artists need to deliver a conceptualization of whom they are and what they are, and there must be a visual component that defines that concept. Now more than ever a visual presentation is important for the growth and the development of a music artist. The music video for MackMan’s “She Do Dat” is energetic, vibrant, colorful and dynamic.

The “She Do Dat” video was filmed and edited by acclaimed videographers Itchy House Films. The editing is top notch. It's a creative video that captures the essence of the roaring twenties whereby MackMan portrays the role of a gangster and a gentleman. The centerpiece of the visual presentation is the classic, sleek, white Excalibur automobile. The video is filled with party scenes and shots of beautiful women. There is eye candy galore in the video. MackMan has an uncanny ability to connect with the camera. Be sure to check out this dynamic music video and follow MackMan on Twitter @MackMan8Tz and T Mack @SicSpitta.

June, 2014

From home in Jersey on the east coast, across the country to the west coast and down south, MackMan has been promoting his new hit single "She Do Dat" featuring T Mack, the first single off his upcoming  "F+K_L+V" EP. This club smash definitely makes the ladies show " she do!!!" 




Follow MackMan on twitter: @MackMan8Tz

Follow T Mack on twitter: @SicSpitta

November, 2013

Producer Mackman is a musical chameleon. His innovative style brings together a fusion of Hip Hop and Soul music. Although deeply rooted in the hip-hop culture, Mackman’s musical talent extends way beyond the genre of Hip Hop. He also writes and produces R&B songs too. His Production style is very versatile.

Representing Irvington, NJ aka Ghost town, Mackman’s music influences include Timbaland, Dr. Dre, DJ Premier and Quincy Jones. Moreover, he is the in house production director for the NJ based Ghostown 8tz Music Group. Mackman is quickly becoming one of the most sought after producers on the independent music scene. His constant goal is to continually raise the bar.

Music is the universal language and Mackman speaks it well! Mackman is confident that he has the necessary skills, ambition and perseverance to achieve his goal of making Ghostown 8tz Music Group one of the most recognized entertainment companies in the music industry.

Mackman is actively pursuing song placements and licenses for movies, television and video games. Mackman is also seeking to work with artists outside of his Ghostown 8tz family. “I am looking to work with artists and labels who have great vision. My mission is to create catchy and timely hit records, ” raves Mackman. Check out samples of Mackman’s tracks at If you are looking to take your music to the next level, then reach out to Mackman. Follow him on Twitter @MackMan8tz. Also Contact Jay Moxie at

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